Givvit for Business FAQs

What is Givvit for Business?

Givvit for Business is the UK’s first self-serve Treat platform, where companies of any size can digitally send a message, along with an everyday Treat such as a coffee, a takeaway, chocolates or flowers. For employees, clients or customers a ‘Givvit’ goes beyond an email or text and ensures your message is heard.


Using the self serve platform is easy, there is no upfront commitment and you simply pay as you treat. Givvit Rewards provides instant access to a range of Treats from well known brands such as, M&S, Caffè Nero, PizzaExpress, hungryhouse, hmvDigital and over 750 pubs around the UK.


You simply choose your Treat, upload the relevant contacts, write your message and then just send. Recipients are then notified and via our Givvit app can enjoy their Treat whenever they want.


A Givvit is an engaging gesture that can be used by any business to increase productivity, drive sales, build relationships, re-engage customers, boost loyalty or as part of your customer service.


Check out our Terms and Conditions for more information on how it works.


We are continually striving to improve the Givvit for Business service and our range of Treat Partners so please feel free to contact Tyrone at  or speak to him on 03332 020984. We welcome and value all your suggestions!




How does it work?

Pick your Treat, write your message, add your contacts and schedule if you want to send it instantly or at a point in the future (a beer on a Friday evening or a coffee first thing Monday morning to start the week).


Pay for it online using a credit or debit card and then all of your recipients will be sent an e-mail or a text message displaying the Treat and your message with a link to download the Givvit app to redeem.


See below for other payment option and our Enterprise solution for companies and team treating.




How do recipients redeem?

Once you’ve sent the system is designed to painlessly take people from Treat notification to download the app via links in the SMS or emails we send out on your behalf


Treat redemption takes place through the Givvit app. It’s the easiest way of keeping your recipients’ Treats in one place and means they can pick up their Treat whenever they want.


It also means we can prompt them to do so and so keep your Treat front of mind. Each Treat comes with your message and step by step instructions and they simply present the Treat code or e-voucher into the Treat Partner.


In most cases redemption is directly from your phone at the checkout. If this system isn’t available for whatever reason, we provide a very quick and simple alternative.


Different retailers use different systems, but Givvit is working closely with them to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.




Where do people redeem?

Redemption is at the named retailer or “Treat Partner” following the steps provided within Givvit.




Also, where Treat Partners operate a franchise system, you may not be able to redeem at every location, for example at service stations or airports. Don’t worry though as you will be able to redeem at most High Street outlets.



How long do people have to redeem my Treat?

Recipients have 12 months to redeem the treat. We want people to enjoy your generosity and though the app and individual notifications we keep recipients up to date on every Treat.


Once the Treat has been redeemed and a Treat code or e-voucher has been sent recipients are bound by the Treat Partner’s Terms & Conditions, including their redemption period (minimum 3 months). Further details are shown on the platform by Treat.



How does Givvit pricing vary to that in store?

A Treat costs the same as it would in store, whether it’s a specific product that you’re sending or it’s a voucher.  For specific products, the retail price is based on UK wide pricing and vouchers cost the same as their stated value.

The 45p transaction fee per Treat helps cover the cost of operating the Givvit service.



How do I pay?

The self serve platform allows you to send out instant Treats and pay for them via a debit or credit card, however we can arrange payment via invoice and allocate a budget to you if you prefer – please get in contact with us by emailing if you would like to set this up.



I would like to give my team the ability to send Treats, how does that work?

We can create an Enterprise package for your business, allocating a budget and reporting against it for each of your team members who you would like to be able to access the platform and treat.

Please get in contact with us by emailing so we can talk you through the service and create a package to suit your needs.



What do I do if I have a problem?

We want everyone to enjoy the Givvit for Business experience but sometimes problems can occur.

If they do please let us know by emailing and we will sort out the issue as quickly as possible.



Can recipients choose their Treat?

Some Treat Partners will let you redeem your Treat against any product up to a specified value but some Treats are product specific.



Can I get a refund on any treats that I have bought?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for information about refunds.



What is the tax situation regarding treating employees?

As you may be aware providing benefits can create a tax liability for you as an employer and/or your employees. However, as a result of recent HMRC Trivial Benefit Exemptions, Treats or Gifts that meet certain criteria can now be excluded from a PSA or P11D. In summary these include non-contractual, non-cash Treats/ gifts that are under £50. This will reduce the amount of tax payable and potentially by a substantial amount. So sending a Givvit is now even simpler and more cost effective!

Disclaimer: we are not accountants and the above is our unqualified view and you should check with your professional advisor or local HMRC office. If you get in touch with us we can also put you in touch with an independent advisor.



I don’t know what phone recipients have. Can I send them a treat?

We’ve developed the Givvit app to work on Android and iPhone which covers over 9 out of 10 smartphones and we are also working on a Windows version.



What happens to my data?

The contact data you upload to the platform is stored securely, remains the property of the sender and is only used to make the Treat transaction. Once the recipient has registered on the Givvit app they come under the apps Privacy Policy: