Why relaxing with a cuppa is just what you need

We all love a good cuppa in-front of the telly after a long day, or at the end of a long week. Well it turns out that the relaxation your enjoy is actually pretty good for you, and probably a lot more fun that other healthy things we know we should do more of. So here’s why you need to spend more time with your feet up.

Me time

When you take some time out to focus on yourself and really relax it gives your body time to recharge. Rather than just crashing out and falling asleep you should take some time to really unwind. It’ll help you sleep better and feel more energised. Studies also show that people who take some time for themselves have high self-esteem than those who don’t, getting into the mind-set of ‘I deserve this’ and ‘I’m worth looking after’ for just a few hours a week will reflect across the rest of your interactions. Take some time for yourself, because you’ve more than earnt it.


Emotional stability

We’ve all had those weeks where the tiniest annoyance or mishap seems like the end of the world. Leading psychologists say that it’s because we let too much stuff get on top of us, and feel over whelmed. By taking out a little time to relax and reset we are able to put things into perspective, allowing us to regain control of our lives. You’ll be nicer to your loved ones and make better decisions because of it.


We just mentioned your better decision making ability, and again this all goes back to perspective and state of mind. You’ll be sleeping better, less prone to anxiety, more energised and generally feeling better. This will help your brain both process information faster and retain more of it, as well as leaving you more level headed when you have to make choices.

nerd smarter

Really relaxing

When you know you should really be cleaning the oven, washing the kids clothes, going to the gym or answering those work emails you’ll never really relax. This feeling that we should be doing something ‘more productive’ leaves us with a nervous, twitchy energy that stops us from truly relaxing. Specifically set aside the time to enjoy your ‘me time’ and recognise that it’s just as important, if not more so, than anything else on your to do list. If you don’t make enough time to look after yourself then you’ll only find the other things that you ‘have’ to do, more difficult to complete.

So as the song goes, don’t worry, be happy. Have a great week Givviteers, and look after yourselves.

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