How Team Morale Is Increased By Non-Monetary Rewards

Employee morale is essential if the company is to achieve its objectives, and at the same time meet its financial goals. As an employer, there is a need for you to take measures to boost the morale of the people working for you.

By providing a broad range of perks such as free meals, gym facilities, and coffee, you will be consistently making sure that all your employees are happy.

Rewards do not need to be in the form of money or increased wages. You can provide the personnel with entertainment such as table football, billiards as well as video games which they can play during their lunch breaks.

Another great incentive would be to allow your employees to spend some of their time at work on personal projects. In many such cases, you will find that the employees will come up with innovative ideas and projects from the time that they have spent on their personal errands.

What’s in it For You?

Even though you may not be doing all this from the kindness of your heart, there is evidence that suggests that a workforce that is happy tends to be productive and very creative. According to recent research, work related stress is one of the most common health problems in any workplace.

As such, you will find that your workforce will take numerous sick days throughout the year so as to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression. Providing rewards such as allowing employees to bring pets to the workplace during certain days of the week will not only boost their morale, but it will also help in combating stress-related problems.

Longer Office Hours

Supplying your employees with a fresh pot of coffee and snacks will motivate them to stay in the office longer. When employees are allowed to take breaks when they need to, they will not be in a hurry to head home at the end of the day.

Another incentive would be to initiate a medical program where a doctor comes to the office to conduct on-site medical checks. It is an incentive that will bring down absenteeism, while ensuring that the employees remain healthy.

Better Staff Retention

Providing your employees with perks not only helps get the best from them, but it is also a way of attracting the best workforce from other places. Improved employee retention is by itself an excellent reason why you should offer perks, especially considering that many employees in the country are not happy when at work, and that over a third of them will at one time consider leaving their current jobs in search of better opportunities.


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